Earp & Waldrip Sales Company is a manufacturer's rep agency, based in Atlanta, GA, with a proven track record and over 34 years experience in this market place. Our success and longevity have come from the key relationships we have established with our manufacturers and distributors. We call on and service a diverse mix of distributors such as Paper, Foodservice, Jan-San, Industrial, Restaurant Equipment, Healthcare, Lodging and The Office Supply Industry.

Earp & Waldrip seek to be the "innovators," constantly trying new avenues to build relationships at the distributor and end user levels. We provide the means to grow your business and expand your market penetration, bringing it to a whole new level.

“Earp & Waldrip seek to be the ‘innovators,’ constantly trying new avenues to build relationships at the distributor and end user levels.”

Timely and effective communication is essential in our industry. We communicate in a number of ways with our manufacturers, distributors and end users.

Everything from personal visits, telephone, emails, Distributor shows, End-user sampling programs, to National and Regional account calls & more, as to how we communicate. Teleconference, monthly reports, emails are also some of the examples of how we get the word out to our customers

At Earp & Waldrip our goal is to help educate and train distributor and end-user personnel. We conduct quarterly sales meetings with our key distributors. We provide in-house training to salespeople who want more product knowledge. We also do ride withs to help train salespeople on how to sell our products. Our company creates customized product guides, mailbox stuffers, samples, and our personal company catalogues are constantly updated and provided to our key distributors.

As you can see, we at Earp & Waldrip Sales Company offer numerous approaches to developing incremental sales and expanding market penetration. With an experienced sales force and over 31 years in the same market place, we focus on every level of the industry to create, build, and nurture relationships. We know what it requires to move your business to the next level.




Our profile highlights:
Territory covered is Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, South Carolina and the Panhandle of Florida.
We have represented our top 5 lines for 17 or more years. These lines are the industry leaders in their field.
Our agency has 7 outside salespeople and 2 inside customer service people to support our efforts.
Four out of 7 salespeople have 35 years sales experience in the industry/market area.
Our salespeople offer very diversified backgrounds having worked for manufacturers, distributors and other rep groups, both in sales and marketing management.
Earp & Waldrip is constantly creating new and innovative marketing tools to educate and inform distributors and end-users on all our products.
We do targeted end-user mailings and mini-blitz programs, also including promotions to gain new penetration on specified products.
We have developed relationships with buying groups like Network, Afflink and UniPro, to name a few.
We pride ourselves in the efficiency and professionalism of our Customer Service Department, who facilitates in the order process from beginning to end and is second to none.
Many of our contacts most of the time are the Owners of our key Distributorships, Sales Managers, and Purchasing Agents or key contracts at the National Acct. levels.

We have been delivering proven performance and results for over 31 years!

Corporate Philosophies and Policies

Earp & Waldrip is a sales organization structured to allow us to represent Manufacturers as they would represent themselves.

It is our belief that honesty and high ethical standards are the foundation of all successful businesses. These standards have been and will continue to be an inseparable part of our organization.

We recognize that a Manufacturer's future, as well as our own is based on profitability. To this end we pledge our best effort to enhance Manufacturer's product mix in order to maximize profits.

Earp & Waldrip recognizes that it is difficult to adequately market a Manufacturer's product without having a thorough knowledge of the products and the policies of the company. We, therefore, pledge ourselves to a continuous study of our Manufacturer's products. We encourage our Manufacturers to aid us in this endeavor by furnishing us with literature and samples for study and invite our participation in the various sales meetings and seminars they hold.


Earp & Waldrip Sales Company, Inc. 770-998-3036