ASI - American Specialties, Inc. a leading manufacturer of commercial washroom accessories, including mechanical and automatic paper towel dispensers, soap dispensers, exceptional high-speed and any other type of hand dryers, grab bars, toilet paper dispensers, shower seats and many other related items. Also the toilet partitions in a variety of sizes, styles and colors, lockers for schools, hospitals, fitness centers. ASI has the right size and colors for all your needs.

AB Wipers - One of the largest manufactures of terry towels, heavy industrial wiping clohs, microfiber and much more. Knit and reclaimed knit wipers, shop towels, Huck towels, white flannel and white sheeting wipers, dusters. Quality products with affordable prices.

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Blaze Products - Canned Fuel - Jelled Ethanol - Hottest & Longest burning fuel on the market (1630 BTU), Jelled Methanol - Popular & less extensive (1430 BTU) & Liquid Diethylene Glycol (DEG) Safest Fuel - Non Flamable (890 BTU) - Twin Flame (1520 BTU) Kosher Approved.

Dial Professional  - Dial is a known and trusted brand, with Dial Hand Care , Purex Laundry Care, Renuzit Air Care, Soft Scurb Surface Cleanser, Boraxo Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner, Combat Insecticides, Dial Eco Smart In Room Amenities.

Honeywell Safety Products  

Honeywell Safety Products – Solutions for all your safety needs - Eye Wear, Emergency Eyewash, Respiratory Masks, Protective Clothing, Footwear, Hearing Protection, First Aid Kits and components, Traffic Cones and many more protective items. They Honeywell brand Includes North, Uvex, Howard Light, Fibre Metal, Miller, Servus, Sperian

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Battery Operated Machines - 5 year warranty - Lithium Ion Batteries, State of the art control Panels, Quick-Change Squeegees, Pads & Brushes, Built-in Safety Lighting, Ergonimic Finger-Tip control - Sweepers, Scrubbers, Burnishers, Floor Machines, & Wet/Dry Vacum.


Deli/Prepared Food Packaging from inno-Boxes, to Paper Soup Cups & Lids, Microwaveable Hinged Containers, Rotisserie Bags & Header Multi-PurposeBags, Buckets, Paper Food Trays & Wine/Beer Carriers, Drawstring Ice Bags & Various Bakery Packaging, with Cupcake Containers, Bread Bags & Take out and Cake Circles.

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JelMar - Clr/Tarn-X Lime & Rust Removers, Daily Cleaners & Stain removers, Drain Openers & Drain Maintainers & Specialty Surface/Metal Cleaners, Tarnish removers & Degreasers
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MBT - Meltblown Tech. - Extra Sticky Mat Rolls Highly absorbent & fast drying & Stays in place, Spill Absorbent Pads, Rolls, Socks, Booms, Pillows & More - Plumbers Pad - Flood Barriers, Thirsty Socks, Universal Pads & Rugs & Much More.

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MDI Mercantile Development - The WIper Specialists, Have a variety of Ultra Foodservice & Premium Foodservice, Pre Treated Dust Cloths, Towelettes, Pro-Series-includes Spunglace, DRC, Light Durty Wipers - Paper Based & Super Raggs- For Jan San & Competes with Wypall.

Nexstep Commercial OCedar A prominent manufacturer of Products that include wet mops, dust mops, microfiber mops and cloths, brooms for all your needs. Also, buckets and ringers, sponges, scrapers, squeegees, and a Full Line of floor Sweepers, brushes, dusers, rotary scrub brushes along with a variety of other products. O-Cedar is the name you can trust.


Specialty Stemware, Shot Glasses, Elite Barware, Elite Tumblers, Plates, Bowls & Cups in Scroll design and Complete Classique- Plates, Bowls Coffee Mugs, Serving Trays and Serving Dish, Also Premier Square Plates.  Also a variety of New Specialtyess arena.

Superior Mfg. Group has high quality, performance floor matting for industrial, commercial, & food service markets. Entrance, Foyer, & Logo Matting, along with Safety & Anti-Fatigue (Red Stop), Anti-Static & Water retention matting, Grease Resistant and Grease Proof matting for Food Service areas and a variety of others. Also a GreenTRAX Program for Green Cleaning Environments and hospital mats.

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Omega Can Liners - Low D & High D and Recycled Bags, Co-Extruded & Custom Bags, Medical Liners, Poly Food Storage bags, & More. Can also do Private Label & made in USA.

Tradex is one of the largest suppliers of disposable gloves to the foodservice, janitorial, medical and light industrial markets worldwide.  Vinyl and Latex including Exam Grade and General Purpose, Powdered or Powder Free under the Ambitex name.  Tradex also has Synthetic Vinyl Supreme to replace Latex for people that can’t wear Latex, Nitrile and Poly Gloves.  They also offer a line of Specialty gloves – String Knit, Cotton/Polyester, Cut Resistant, Neoprene & Latex blended Gloves and much more.  Also have a variety of Safety Disposables, like hair nets, Bouffant Caps, Poly Aprons & Sleeves, bibs, beard covers, masks and Shoe Covers.   Most recent additions Black & Orange  Nitrile, along with their new Blurple Nitrile Exam and available in chemotherapy rating and the new Durasilk latex exam glove.

Wipes Plus offers a variety of pre-moistened wipes for use on Fitness, Educational, Medical and Foodservice applications.  Full line of Disinfecting and Antibacterial Wipes are water based Kill Claim and much safer to use, than competitor’s alcohol based products and much more competitively priced.   Wipes Plus offers Foodservice and Baby Wipe Refills, patient wipes and the newest addition Food Thermometer & Meat Probe Wipes.

Food service Cutterbox Film and Foil, Cling Sheets and Produce Film, Mill Roll Film, Meat Film, Shrink Films, Interfolded Pop Up Aluminum Foil sheets and Foil Containers- Rounds, Steam Tables & Cater Trays. Pallet Stretch and a variety of other films.


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